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Hope for the Journey Therapeutic Services

Helping you build a life you love despite life's circumstances

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First things first... I'm so glad you are here! Really, give yourself a pat on the back for finding the courage to be right here, right now.

Finding the Right Therapist is Important

What sets me apart from other therapists is my understanding of the human condition and how I help my clients feel safe through the healing process. 

We all have struggles, we all endure heartbreak and confusion, and we all have times when we need a little support from others. To be human is to feel the ups and downs that life has to offer. 

We don't have to do this alone.

If you've been in therapy before, you know how important it is that your therapist really understands you; you know the value of being truly heard, even in the things that you work so hard to hide from the world. Sometimes what you need isn't advice and "quick fixes", because if it was that simple you would have done so a long time ago!

If you haven't ever been in therapy, you probably feel an intense fear of being judged, of putting yourself out there, and of admitting that you need help from a professional. Let's be real, attending therapy can be terrifying

I will work hard to be understanding of your needs, your fears, and of how difficult it is to seek therapy. I will work to validate your human experience without judgment because I, too, am human.

I hope that whatever your experience level is with therapy that you will be open and honest with me about your needs, your fears, and your concerns so that I may understand and be conscientious of this in our work together.

Embracing the Challenge

The process of therapy is all about authenticity, and so from the moment you come to see me, I will be direct with you and will challenge you to see yourself and your experience in a different way. My goal is to give you a different conversation than what you'll receive everywhere else; a conversation that is real and uncensored. This is your space to say what needs to be said without fear of shame, ridicule, or feeling like you need to tailor what you say to whoever is listening.

I will likely challenge you at times and the reason for this is simple. Whatever we hold back or shy away from has power over us. That's what keeps us stuck. I want to help you feel free and comfortable talking about what may initially be embarrassing, shaming, or awkward. 

Whatever is holding you back, I'm here to listen, to support, to encourage, and to help you overcome and thrive in your journey.

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Poppy Field

Contact: Hope for the Journey Therapeutic Services

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